Ukrainian transitive verb : save, rescue

We are a charitable organization
that specializes in the procurement of
tactical medicine products and individual first aid kits.

/ Our


the medical service of the Troops
and Armed Forces units with
necessary goods for first aid.


Ukrainian defenders
with individual first aid


first aid kits with
critical supplies

/ Who
we help

Doctors, sanitary instructors, paramedics who are
assigned to the units of the defenders of Ukraine

Military field hospitals
and Stabilization

Medical services of Troop
and Armed Forces


/ What we
help with


of individual
first aid kits


Purchase of


Individual first aid kit


Hemostatic tourniquet C-A-T


Individual dressing package
(The First Care Bandage)


Hemostatic means based on chitosan or kaolin (Celox, QuikClot) in the form of a hemostatic bandage (combat gauze) - Combat Gauze, QuikClot, H&H Compressed Gauze PriMed, etc


Nasopharyngeal duct


Asherman's occlusive dressing
(Asherman Chest Seal, Halo)


Decompression Kit


CPR Face Shield


Conventional sterile bandages and
wipes and / or dressing bags


Nitrile gloves
(size M, 8-9; color - white, blue)


Atraumatic scissors


HRS or Blizzard Survival Blanket


Intravenous catheter G18


A set of tablets
(pill-pack, IFAK: paracetamol - 1000 mg;
meloxicam - 15 mg; gatifloxacin - 400 mg)

/ How can I help

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To contribute

Charitable contributions are non-refundable. In case of impossibility of implementation of the project on the purchase of tactical medicine goods, the collected funds will be transferred to other charitable organizations for the implementation of their statutory activities.

Bank transfer

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Company name: Charitable Foundation «Save a life in Ukraine» copied

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Name of the bank: JSC CB "PrivatBank", Kyiv, Ukraine copied

SWIFT Code: PBANUA2X copied

Company address: Ukraine, 01054, Kyiv, Yaroslaviv Val str, 21E, office 56 copied

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USD: UA473052990000026001036242113 copied

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All contributions received to this account are used
to provide humanitarian aid.

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